Falling Asleep

My boys typically fall asleep with books in their hands. (Or books laying on their faces as my oldest guy just pointed out.) Anyway, back to my story…most nights I have to go into their rooms and put away the book and turn off the light. This is what greeted me one recent night.

toy gun, book

I love little boys.

(Yes, I know the picture is blurry. I thought something was wrong with my camera and that I would get to have to get a new camera. Turns out that the boys got the lens dirty the day they took some pictures with my camera. A little lens cleaning did the trick. Darn.)


3 Responses

  1. That is adorable! And whether it’s just that my eyes are bad or what… but I think, if this picture is blurry, it looks great that way. It has a beautiful soft glow about it. That’s a keeper!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a great pic! I remember when my boys were that little. I loved to watch them sleep. They looked so innocent when they were sleeping. Probably the only time they ever looked that way…

    (out blog hopping and came across you blog. The little boy pic just sucked me in)

  3. I was also blog hopping and this photo sucked me in. I love it. Sleeping photos gotta be some of the best. I’m always to tired to get one!

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