Library Elf

I have a love/hate relationship with libraries. I love getting all the books I can possibly ever want to read, but I hate keeping up with due dates and pesky little things like that. Believe me when I say that overdue fine and I are well acquainted.

Today, though, I think all of that has changed! Check out Library Elf. All you have to do is create a Library Elf account and link it to all of your library cards. It will remind you through email and/or rss when your books are due, overdue, and when your holds are available. The best part for me is that I can manage all three of our family’s library cards in one spot–no logging into and out of my library’s site multiple times just to see if we have any books due. I think I’m in love…


Back to Normal?

We’re past two cases of chicken pox, four cases of the flu, five cases of a stomach virus, Luke’s birthday, and Easter. Maybe life will get back to normal now!

Yuck, yuck, yuck

MacGyver has the flu, I have massive chest congestion, and most of the boys have snotty noses. ‘Nuf said.

Mountain Sunrise

I am blessed to live in a beautiful area. Sometimes I even have to remind myself to look around! I try to remember that people come from all over to see what I get to see every day.

For instance…
WNC sunrise
This is what I see almost every morning out of my front windows. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

I love my mountains.

We ♥ Moe’s

Do you have a Moe’s Southwest Grill nearby?

Moe’s, kid’s night

Because if you do, you need to get over there and eat some tasty grub.

Moe’s, kid’s night


Moe’s, kid’s night

Moe’s is yummy, but one of the reasons it’s such a hit in our family is

Moe’s, kid’s night

Kid’s Night. Kids eat free on Tuesday nights at our local establishment.

And it’s not just the free food that draws us there, either. They always have something fun for the kids like

Moe’s, face painting
face painting,

Moe’s, kid’s night

or a balloon artist.

Moe’s, kid’s night
Dad loves Moe’s kids night, (even though he may not look like it.)

Hello world!

Well here I am on wordpress trying to blog again.  Think I can keep up with it this time?  Nah.  Won’t do it.  Again.